Laura* entered the little yellow house that is home to the offices of New York Psychological Wellness and Dr. Meyers. Today was her first time at this office. On this day she was warmly greeted by Dr. Meyers who had stepped out of the session room to hand her some materials to fill out as she waited for her appointment time. She had spoken with him on the telephone before and, while she didn't know exactly what to expect today, she already felt comfortable. 

   She had been having difficulty coping with some things in her life. She was smart, had a good job, liked where she lived. But she just couldn't seem to feel good about herself. And that was preventing her from getting into a serious relationship. And on top of it all - she wasn't sleeping well!

   Laura had been to her primary care physician, a psychiatrist, a hypnotist, tried herbal remedies, sleeping pills, drinking warm milk at night and still she felt awful and couldn't sleep!

   "So, why are you here?" he asked after she had settled into the comfortable couch across from him. Laura began to tell him more detail about herself than she had shared previously emphasizing how tired she has been due to her not sleeping.

   "Sleep is a key ingredient to good health - food, water and sleep are required to live and  be healthy - physically, medically, and emotionally. From your description you aren't sleeping well so let's start with that." He handed her a paper called "My Sleep Diary" and told her how to use it. Behavioral Sleep Medicine is one of his speciaties. He joked with her, explained what he does, and answered her questions. 

   Laura knew there was a lot of work ahead of her in this process but she left the office that day feeling positive and confident she had made the right decison to seek help. 

*fictitous name to protect her identity

Hi. I'm Dr. Robert Meyers. I am a NY licensed psychologist. I am also an attorney. I work with patients just like Laura everyday - some with different issues than she had, but everyone I see is looking for a way to stop their pain - whether that is physical, emotional or otherwise.

I could bore you here with my long list of accomplishments (my CV is a tome!) but I'll let you ask me about it when you visit me - if you are at all interested.

The thing most people are interested in when they see me is how to rid themselves of their suffering. Depression, Anxiety, Chronic Pain, Sleep issues, Relationship issues... you name it. And I see people of all ages. 

What is it that makes their journey with me successful?  They are confident that I understand their problem. They know they need the assistance and are ready, willing and able to devote the time, energy and resources to the healing process and feeling better.

We can do that together, too.